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Manthorpe Building Products is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of plastic injection moulded, vacuum formed and extruded products for the building industry, with extensive product ranges available throughout the UK.

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With over 30 years experience in the plastics industry we manufacture virtually all our products in-house and in recent years we have invested extensively in technology and cutting edge machinery. 

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Quality roof space ventilation products designed to increase airflow into the loft space to combat the build-up of high levels of condensation.

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Loft & Access

Loft access range designed to offer quick and easy entry into the roof space whilst providing an insulated barrier and air tightness around the structural opening.

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Wall & Floor Ventilation

Ventilation products designed to provide airflow into the underfloor void which, if left unventilated, can be a breeding ground for mould and stagnant air.

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Cavity Closers & Trays

Cavity Trays provide protection from water ingress below roof abutments acting as a thermal break for window and door reveals, Cavity Barriers are essential to restrict the spread of smoke and flames within the fabric of the building.

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Rainwater & Drainage

Rainwater products designed to direct rainfall captured by the roof away from the building and drainage channels to prevent surface water build up.

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Flood defence products designed to prevent water ingress into homes and conservation products to help reduce the impact of buildings within the natural environment.

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Air Leakage

Products designed to tackle heat and air leakage enabling house builders to achieve the targets for modern, energy efficient homes.

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Roofing Underlay - breathable membrane

Breathable roofing underlays are designed to be used as part of a complete roof construction to help resist the passage of water and wind-...

GRP Valley Trough In-Situ

GRP Valley Troughs – the ideal alternative to lead

GRP Valley Troughs provide an excellent alternative to traditional lead troughs. As well as being more cost-effective, they have a long life...

Manthorpe installed left and right handed terracotta dry fix PVCu verge system

Dry ridge systems, dry verge and dry fix roofing

Manthorpe has developed a range of dry verge, dry fix roofing and dry ridge systems that provide more robust, cost-effective alternatives to...

Roll panel vents in-situ

Roof ventilation – solutions for a modern-day problem

Roof ventilation has always been critical in letting a house or building ’breathe’ and ensure that roof spaces don’t gather moisture and...

Terracotta Double Pantile tile vent installed as part of a terracotta roof covering

Roof tile vents and slate vents – let it flow

Roof tile vents and slate vents need to facilitate essential airflow in the roof space without spoiling the kerb appeal of properties....

Partially open drop down loft access door

Drop down loft hatches – innovation and insulation

Drop down loft hatches and doors may not appear to be an area where there’s much room for innovation, but Manthorpe’s drop down loft hatches...

Square, white fire rated loft door installed in ceiling

Fire rated loft hatches – 1 Hour Resistance

A fire rated loft hatch provides an extra level of reassurance in situations where fire security is paramount. Manthorpe’s fire rated loft...

White push-up loft hatch installed in a white painted ceiling

Push-up loft hatches – modern secure designs

Our push-up loft hatches are manufactured in cost-effective modern plastic moulding, making them a contemporary replacement for traditional...

Loft Ladders

The multi section loft ladders are a cost-effective solution to domestic loft access when combined with a drop-down loft access door. The...

Open plastic access panel revealing stopcock

Plastic access panels – for commercial and domestic use

  Manthorpe’s plastic access panels are available in a range of sizes, both square and rectangular, from 100 x 150mm up to 450 x 450mm....

White, fire rated access panel installed in wall, partly open hinged door revealing pipe work

Fire rated access panels – 1 hour rating

Fire rated access panels provide additional protection in scenarios where standard panels may not meet the required specification. Manthorpe...

Open blue tiled access panel showing plastic pipework behind

Tile access panels – Discreet solution to an obvious problem

  Tile access panels allow quick and easy access to hidden utilities within the bathroom space. Modern bathroom design often calls for...

Non-Combustible Underfloor Ventilation

Manthorpe Building Products offers a range of non-combustible underfloor vents designed to provide a clear, unobstructed airflow passage to a...

Thru...air® build in, telescopic airbrick system

Designed to provide a ventilation outlet/inlet using a 4, 5 or 6 inch diameter telescopic pipe to a Manthorpe single, double...

Installed, Black Dual Extended Telescopic Underfloor Vent with Terracotta Air Brick

Underfloor Ventilation

Underfloor ventilation is a vital component in ensuring airflow for voids under suspended concrete and timber floors and ongoing changes to the...

Manthorpe terracotta airbrick installed in brickwork

Air brick vents – better airflow

Air bricks are a key component in many ventilation systems; a lot of time and effort can be compromised if this element of the installation isn...

Terracotta weep vent fitted to a cavity tray

Weep vents – drainage and airflow

Weep vents provide essential ventilation for the internal wall cavity and drainage of water that may have entered the cavity through...

5" Core Drill Vents

The 5" core drill vents are designed for use when ventilating a gas appliance or supplying general through wall ventilation. Using a standard 5...

Wall Mounted Grilles

Designed to act as internal grill covers for a range of different ventilation solutions. Available in an array of different colour and material...

Vertical and horizontal REDSHIELD Cavity Barriers installed around a window opening

Cavity barriers – award-winning products

Manthorpe’s REDSHIELD® cavity barriers do away with the traditional need for multiple elements to be brought together to form a single cavity...

Rigid Frame Formers

Rigid Frame Formers

The Manthorpe rigid frame formers are a faster, more efficient, more cost effective alternative to made-on-site timber equivalents. The units...

Manthorpe preformed horizontal tray installed within wall cavity

Cavity trays for moisture drainage

A cavity tray provides a barrier within a cavity wall, to prevent the ingress of moisture into the inside of the building, resulting in damp...

Vertical and horizontal thermal cavity closers installed around a window opening

Cavity closers to control moisture build-up

Thermal cavity closers prevent heat loss at key potential weak points in the cavity construct, at door and window reveals – heat loss that is...

TDI Cavity Closers

The TDI range of thermal and fire rated cavity closers are available for various details and help to reduce heat loss and condensation build up...

Hose with water running towards drainage channel installed in front of white garage door

Channel drainage – modular, easy install and low maintenance

  Efficient and effective channel drainage not only prevents potential damage from standing water but also maintains the aesthetic...

Bat Ridge Roost

The Bat Ridge Roost provides a habitable roost space for small crevice-dwelling bat species found in the UK. Designed in association ...

Swift flying out of terracotta swift nesting brick which has been built into the wall high up on the side of a house

Swift Nesting Brick

The Swift Brick has been developed to provide a safe, spacious and habitable area to allow swifts to nest within the well-built construction of...

Flood Defence

Urban flooding over the past decade has caused millions of pounds of damage and insurmountable heartache to homeowners across the UK. Local...

Cut out of radiator showing face-fix radiator pipe guide installed in the internal blockwork or stud wall behind the dry lining, directly behind where the radiator will sits.

Radiator pipe guides and seals – increased thermal efficiency

  Manthorpe’s radiator pipe guides and seals create an impermeable barrier at the point where radiator pipes meet and pass through walls...

Building site showing a row of joist seals pushed onto joists and laid on blockwork

Joist seals in a wide range of sizes and permutations

Joist seals – another innovative product from Manthorpe designed in response to the evolving building regulations. Our joist seals are designed...


From our first foray into the building industry through to our latest product innovations, Manthorpe Building Products has grown year on year thanks to a philosophy of continuous investment and development. 

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At Manthorpe we pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

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Innovation has always been at the core of the company.  From new technology investment to in-house research and development, Manthorpe is constantly looking ahead to meet the needs of the industry.

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