Dual image showing a grey interlocking plain tile vent on the left and a terracotta roll-out dry ridge system on the right

Quality roof space ventilation products designed to increase airflow into the loft space to combat the build-up of high levels of condensation.


The latest revision of BS 5534 the Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling, published in August of 2014, has highlighted mortar as being an insufficient means of securing tiles to the roof. In particular this applies to the fixing of ridge and hip tiles, which was identified by the National House Building Council (NHBC) as the number one cause of roof failures that resulted in claims. To this end, BS 5534 now states that even if mortar is used, then the ridge and hip tiles must also be mechanically secured to the roof.

Dry Fix Roofing Methods

By far the simplest, quickest, and most cost-effective way of complying with the new standard is to join the switch to dry fix methods of roofing. Manthorpe's dry fix systems provide a high performance, easy to fix and maintenance free solution which can not only speed up the job on site, but also offer long term financial benefits.

Independently Tested to BS 8612

Following the increased use of dry fix systems courtesy of these updates to BS 5534, a brand-new standard BS 8612 was introduced in February of 2018 to better control the design and material construction of dry fix systems. Manthorpe’s range of dry fix products have been independently tested to conform with the requirements of BS 8612, performance data for the tests conducted on these products is available upon request.

Roofing Underlay - breathable membrane

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GRP Valley Trough In-Situ

GRP Valley Troughs – the ideal alternative to lead

GRP Valley Troughs provide an excellent alternative to traditional lead troughs. As well as being more cost-effective, they have a long life...

Manthorpe installed left and right handed terracotta dry fix PVCu verge system

Dry ridge systems, dry verge and dry fix roofing

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Roll panel vents in-situ

Roof ventilation – solutions for a modern-day problem

Roof ventilation has always been critical in letting a house or building ’breathe’ and ensure that roof spaces don’t gather moisture and...

Terracotta Double Pantile tile vent installed as part of a terracotta roof covering

Roof tile vents and slate vents – let it flow

Roof tile vents and slate vents need to facilitate essential airflow in the roof space without spoiling the kerb appeal of properties....


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