Flood Defence

Urban flooding over the past decade has caused millions of pounds of damage and insurmountable heartache to homeowners across the UK. Local councils occasionally hand out sandbags during severe flood warnings; these however are in very small numbers and are never enough to fully protect a house.

Manthorpe flood protection equipment can help to stop flood water entering a property, at the very least significantly delaying its ingress, providing valuable time to safeguard items within the home such as furniture and electrical goods.

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The Manthorpe Air Brick Flood Defence is a discreet solution to the problems of flood damage caused by unprotected air bricks. In the event of a flood the easy to fit cover clips on to a vent to stop water from entering. The Manthorpe Air Brick Flood Defence is designed to cover the...


From our first foray into the building industry through to our latest product innovations, Manthorpe Building Products has grown year on year thanks to a philosophy of continuous investment and development. 

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At Manthorpe we pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

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Innovation has always been at the core of the company.  From new technology investment to in-house research and development, Manthorpe is constantly looking ahead to meet the needs of the industry.

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