Wall & Floor Ventilation

Ventilation products designed to provide airflow into the underfloor void which, if left unventilated, can be a breeding ground for mould and stagnant air.

The underfloor void, if left unventilated, can be a breeding ground for mould and a collection point for stagnant – and potentially explosive gases. Part C of the Building Regulations stipulates the use of through wall and underfloor ventilation to combat these problems and ensure that the areas surrounding and below a property are adequately ventilated.

The problem is easily solved with Manthorpe’s range of ventilation products – which has the double advantage of being both quick and easy to install.

Telescopic Underfloor Vents  Weep Vents

Thru...air® build in, telescopic airbrick system

Designed to provide a ventilation outlet/inlet using a 4, 5 or 6 inch diameter telescopic pipe...

Telescopic Underfloor Vents

The telescopic underfloor vents provide a clear airflow passage through the wall into the voids below suspended concrete and timber floors. The...


Acting as the external grill opening for through wall or underfloor ventilation ducting, moulded polymer airbricks are the modern evolution of...

Weep Vents

Designed for discreet cavity wall drainage and ventilation requirements. The Manthorpe range of weep vents can be used to drain DPCs,...

5" Core Drill Vents

The 5" core drill vents are designed for use when ventilating a gas appliance or supplying general through wall ventilation. Using a standard 5...

Wall Mounted Grilles

Designed to act as internal grill covers for a range of different ventilation solutions. Available in an array of different colour and material...


From our first foray into the building industry through to our latest product innovations, Manthorpe Building Products has grown year on year thanks to a philosophy of continuous investment and development. 

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At Manthorpe we pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

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Innovation has always been at the core of the company.  From new technology investment to in-house research and development, Manthorpe is constantly looking ahead to meet the needs of the industry.

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