Air brick vents – better airflow

Air bricks are a key component in many ventilation systems; a lot of time and effort can be compromised if this element of the installation isn’t correct.  Standard clay air bricks have served the industry well for many years, however, improvements in materials and design mean that an air brick can now provide a much greater airflow and they are now better able to prevent ingress of driving rain, insects and avoid blocking by debris.

Air brick vents are, by their nature, the most visible part of a ventilation set-up and it’s important that they blend into their surroundings as subtly as possible.  Manthorpe’s air bricks are available in a range of colours such as brown, blue/black, terracotta, white and buff to ensure their appearance is discreet and overall aesthetics are maintained.

Our vent bricks are, as you would expect, designed to integrate seamlessly with other components in our range of ventilation systems. They also work as stand-alone vents when required. Furthermore, they can be stacked to create larger vents, and mortar keys facilitate secure fixing to surrounding masonry.


Air brick vents – fully compatible with the Manthorpe range

Our air brick vents are entirely British manufactured, as are the majority of our products; proudly supporting British manufacturing and minimising risk in the supply chain and in your project schedules.

If you need more information or advice on our air bricks, their integration compatibility or any other aspect of a specific project, you can get in touch with us through our contact page webform or by email or phone, and we’ll be happy to help.

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