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Loft doors – access and insulation

Loft doors might be used only occasionally, and noticed even less often, but the access that they provide to the loft space should not compromise the thermal or air tightness of the envelope of a building space. Heat loss through these apertures is both costly and wasteful, as well as being unnecessary and avoidable.

A snug fit isn’t sufficient to minimise heat exchange between a loft space and the rest of a property. Our loft doors offer multiple options for insulation including expanded polystyrene and polyurethane in different thickness, to achieve various U values. Integrated catches and draught seals ensure the design both looks good and works to prevent the movement of warm, moist air into the roof space.

The effectiveness of the draught seals on the GL250 have been independently tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) in accordance with BS EN 13141-1:2004 (test report no. 283-506). The door exceeds the requirements for a “Well Sealed Ceiling” as detailed in BS 5250 with an air leakage rate below 1m³/h at a pressure differential of 2 Pa. This door also meets the Building Regulations Part L ‘reasonable limit’ for the design air permeability of buildings with a rate of less than 10m³/h.m² at 50Pa.

Specified by many national and regional developers, as well as authorities, our loft doors are entirely British manufactured, as are the majority of our products; proudly supporting British manufacturing and minimising risk in the supply chain and in your project schedules.


Loft access doors and ladders

Both drop-down and push-up loft access doors both feature in the Manthorpe range, ensuring that all types of builds and constructions can be accommodated. Lockable doors provide security in properties where loft access wants to be prevented.  Fire rated loft doors also available when required.

Manthorpe loft ladders are also available, equipped with deep non-slip treads, rubber feet and safety catches to prevent premature drop, the three-section ladder also comes equipped with a mid-section handrail.  These lightweight, aluminium ladders are supplied individually packaged with fitting instructions and an operating pole.

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