Loft & Access

Loft access range designed to offer quick and easy entry into the roof space whilst providing an insulated barrier and air tightness around the structural opening.

Whether for general access to loft storage or as a maintenance hatch for roof space services, the need for access through ceilings is a requirement for most buildings. However care must be taken that these apertures do not compromise the integrity of the building envelope, which can lead to significant heat loss.

Push up loft access doors and drop down loft access doors from Manthorpe are designed to offer quick and easy entry into the roof space whilst providing an insulated barrier and draft proofing around the structural opening in the ceiling.

We offer a range of doors with a variety of insulation options to suit various applications and budgets. Our fire rated doors offer the security of a heat resistant shield, and our multi section loft ladders can be fitted to allow easy loft access.

Drop Down Loft Doors

The drop-down loft door is an innovative solution to the need for energy efficient loft space access, offering a well-insulated, airtight and...

Fire Rated Loft Doors

The fire rated loft doors are a robust access solution for situations in which fire integrity is paramount. Manufactured from powder coated...

Push Up Loft Doors

The push up loft access doors provide a modern alternative to the traditional timber frame ‘push up’ loft hatch. The historic wooden board and...

Loft Ladders

The multi section loft ladders are a cost-effective solution to domestic loft access when combined with a drop-down loft access door. The...

Plastic Access Panels

Manthorpe’s plastic access panel range allows for quick and simple entry to concealed plumbing, electrics and other utilities. The modular...

Fire Rated Access Panels

In addition to the plastic access panel range, Manthorpe offers...

Tile Access Panels

In many modern bathrooms and kitchens, the streamlined effect of tiling is spoiled by a screwed-to-the-wall hatch to provide access to...


From our first foray into the building industry through to our latest product innovations, Manthorpe Building Products has grown year on year thanks to a philosophy of continuous investment and development. 

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At Manthorpe we pride ourselves on our high quality standards, not just for the products that we produce; but for our design, manufacture, sales and delivery processes as well.

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Innovation has always been at the core of the company.  From new technology investment to in-house research and development, Manthorpe is constantly looking ahead to meet the needs of the industry.

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