Radiator pipe guides and seals – increased thermal efficiency


Manthorpe’s radiator pipe guides and seals create an impermeable barrier at the point where radiator pipes meet and pass through walls. Gaps left around pipes allow heat to escape and colder air to enter, reducing efficiency, increasing energy costs and possibly resulting in failure of the building pressure test. Our radiator pipe guides and seals have been designed in response to the Revised Part L of the Building Regulations regarding air tightness. The radiator pipe guides are designed to work with the increasingly popular plastic pipes and the custom design of the radiator pipe seal eliminates gaps through which heat might be lost.

The range of radiator pipe guides and seals is suitable for multiple wall types and radiator sizes. Twin pipe units are available for smaller radiators on both block and stud walls, and for larger radiators. A pair of single pipe units eliminate possible sag below the radiator and avoid any possible clash with a third, central radiator bracket. All of the radiator pipe guides work to prevent kinks or twists in pipework, creating a neat and tidy finish.


Radiator pipe guide – multiple flexible options

Our radiator pipe guides and seals are supplied in boxes of 20 and can be installed by a single person. Multiple fixing points on all types of seal mean secure fastening to surrounding structure contributing to the seal’s airtight effectiveness. Our product range is suitable for 10mm diameter, flexible plastic pipe.

Our radiator pipe guides and seals are entirely British manufactured, as are the majority of our products; proudly supporting British manufacturing and minimising risk in the supply chain and in your project schedules.

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Radiator pipe guides and seals – increased thermal efficiency: 4 Results

The patent pending GRS-DUO is designed to prevent air leakage at pipework penetrations behind a radiator that is plumbed with 10mm flexible plastic barrier pipework commonly used for central heating systems in modern buildings.  Along with limiting air leakage through the penetration...

The Face-Fix Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal (GRS-FF) has been designed to cope with a wide range of tricky situations. As with all Manthorpe radiator seal products, the GRS-FF provides an effective barrier for the loss of warm air to pipe entry points behind radiators. The face-fix...

The GRS Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal provides an impermeable barrier at the point at which radiator pipes meet the wall – an area identified as a key point for the loss of heat. Until now there has been no method of properly sealing this area, and because of this, many installations leave...

The Single Exit Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal (GRS-SE) provides an insulated point for one radiator pipe to pass through a wall. When paired with a second GRS-SE the product is ideal for tackling the problem of pipe work for larger radiators, where a pipe run from the centre point may sag...


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