GRS-DUO Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal

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Product Code GRS-DUO

135mm x 128mm x 22mm
72mm hole
20 per box
Mount Plate: Polypropylene Cover Plate: Polypropylene & TPE
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The patent pending GRS-DUO is designed to prevent air leakage at pipework penetrations behind a radiator that is plumbed with 10mm flexible plastic barrier pipework commonly used for central heating systems in modern buildings. 

Along with limiting air leakage through the penetration and producing an attractive finish to the detail, the product also acts as a guide for the pipework as it exits from behind the wall and transitions below the radiator to the valve points at the outer corners, eliminating the risk of kinks and chafing along the exposed run of pipe.

The patent pending twin plate design allows for a robust mounting point for the pipework at the first fix plumbing phase, with the subsequent penetration through the plasterboard behind the radiator then covered and sealed against air leakage during the course of the second fix.

The versatility of the system allows it to be installed in a wide range of details and with both blockwork and stud wall constructions. The unique single central fixing of the sealing cover plate can also be secured directly to the rear mount plate rather than into the surrounding plasterboard, which removes the need for plasterboard fixings near to the cut edge of the plasterboard pipework opening. The mount plate offers a series of fixing locations to allow the system to be fitted securely with a variety of plasterboard and radiator offsets.

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  • Twin plate system to maximise the benefits for first and second fix installations
  • First fix mount plate anchors the pipework at the correct point of exit from the wall
  • Guide channels help to curve the pipework towards the valves to prevent kinking
  • Mount plate can work with various wall constructions such as blockwork or stud walls
  • Second fix cover plate attached with a single screw, no plasterboard fixings required
  • Multiple pilot hole locations between the two plates allows for various installation offsets
  • Flexible grommets seal around the pipework while allowing for directional adjustability

Literature and Technical Info

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