REDSHIELD® Cavity Barrier

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Product Code RED/50/70R

0.039 W/mK
3 lengths per pack
PVCu (Extrusion) Mineral Fibre Wool (Insulation)

Product Description & Key Features

REDSHIELD is a true one-product cavity barrier which fulfils the fire integrity and insulation requirements of Part B without relying on additional lining materials along with providing the necessary thermal and DPC properties of a cavity closer. 
The unique construction allows the product to be adaptable to suit various cavity sizes, helping to maintain a continuous seal to a range of cavity widths especially those that may 'stray' in size. 
The construction incorporates a mineral fibre wool insulating core which provides the 30 minutes' integrity and 15 minutes insulation of a cavity barrier as well as providing a solution to cold bridging problems acting as a thermal cavity closer and DPC.
Easily incorporated into a new build or refurbishment situations, for standard and rebated details with no special fixing requirements. Once installed REDSHIELD will last the lifetime of the building.
  • True one-product cavity barrier
  • Exceeds the mandatory 30 minutes' integrity and 15 minutes' insulation requirement as per Building Regulation Approved Document B
  • Acts as a thermal cavity closer, DPC and cavity fire barrier
  • Tested at Warringtonfire to BS EN 1366-4:2006+A1:2010 independently of other detail
  • Closer sizes available to suit a variety of cavity wall widths
  • Easily incorporated into a new build or refurbishment situation
  • Products available for standard or rebated reveals

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