Thru...air® double airbrick with 4 inch pipe

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Product Code G941-TR

150 x 100 x 103.5mm
1 kit per box
Polypropylene, ABS, PVCu

Product Description & Key Features

The product allows for an extraction system to be conveniently built into the brickwork, eliminating the need for retrospective core drilling.
The telescopic element allows for the installer to extend or reduce the length of the pipe to suit the thickness of the wall and ducting connection.
The thru...air product can be built into the brickwork as the masonry proceeds.  The placement of the product is determined by the position of the internal extraction system.  The product must be installed angled slightly down towards the external brickwork to allow for any condensation build up to drain out via the airbricks.  The detail can then be finished off with a suitable cavity tray (including weep vents) above the product to prevent water ingress.



  • Unique, extendable telescopic pipe to suit the thickness of the wall and ducting connection
  • Product supplied finished therefore no assembly requirement.
  • Product available in four different sizes.
  • Eliminates the need for retrospective core drilling
  • Build thru…air into the masonry as it proceeds
  • Provides easier and quicker installation to match the demands of on-site construction

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