Floor and Wall ventilation – easy to install

Wall ventilation and floor ventilation, as stipulated in Part C of the Building Regulations, are essential in preventing the build-up of stagnant air, mould and even potentially explosive gases. Manthorpe manufactures and supplies a complete range of ventilation products for construction projects, including those for underfloor and cavity wall voids, as well as through wall vents and fixed or adjustable grille vents.

In the variable UK climate, it is vital that a building can ‘breathe’ while ensuring that rain and unwanted visitors such as insects and rodents are kept out

Through wall vents and adjustable grilles – extensive range

Wall ventilation and floor ventilation has so many variables across projects. We know and understand that no two projects are the same and that specifications vary from job to job. Wall and floor ventilation requirements are no exception to the rule, of course, especially when conditions might be more restrictive on a refurbishment project. Thankfully, the smart design of Manthorpe’s wall and floor ventilation products means they are both quick and easy to install, regardless of spec, situation or schedule.

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Non-Combustible Underfloor Ventilation

Manthorpe Building Products offers a range of non-combustible underfloor vents designed to provide a clear, unobstructed airflow passage to a...

Thru...air® build in, telescopic airbrick system

Designed to provide a ventilation outlet/inlet using a 4, 5 or 6 inch diameter telescopic pipe to a Manthorpe single, double...

Installed, Black Dual Extended Telescopic Underfloor Vent with Terracotta Air Brick

Underfloor Ventilation

Underfloor ventilation is a vital component in ensuring airflow for voids under suspended concrete and timber floors and ongoing changes to the...

Manthorpe terracotta airbrick installed in brickwork

Air brick vents – better airflow

Air bricks are a key component in many ventilation systems; a lot of time and effort can be compromised if this element of the installation isn...

Terracotta weep vent fitted to a cavity tray

Weep vents – drainage and airflow

Weep vents provide essential ventilation for the internal wall cavity and drainage of water that may have entered the cavity through...

5" Core Drill Vents

The 5" core drill vents are designed for use when ventilating a gas appliance or supplying general through wall ventilation. Using a standard 5...

Wall Mounted Grilles

Designed to act as internal grill covers for a range of different ventilation solutions. Available in an array of different colour and material...


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