Intermediate Trays

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Product Code GW292

317mm length x 155mm height
75mm (Brickwork)
17.5˚ - 50˚
25 per box
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The GW292 left hand Intermediate Tray has an up stand at one end only. This is so that the water can run out of the tray down the cavity tray system. The up stand on the tray prevents driving rain penetrating the outer wall and tracking across the masonry. The tray has a unique front mortar clip that can be removed at any time once the mortar has set leaving a 25mm deep aperture into which the lead is inserted and secured with lead wedges.

The tray also features an injection moulded mortar trap which ensures a clear water path by reducing the risk of mortar droppings and other debris completely blocking the tray, although care should still be taken to keep the trays clear from mortar and other building debris. The GW292 left hand Intermediate Tray can also be supplied with short or long lead securely attached with staples in either code 4, code 5 (special order) lead or a lead replacement.

  • Left hand stepped tray for pitched abutments
  • Preformed tray holds itslef rigid within the wall cavity
  • Built in stop end ensures correct water run off direction
  • Angled ribs trap falling mortar ensuring clean drainage
  • Removable mortar clip for quick and simple lead installation

Literature and Technical Info

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