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Product Code G913-120-100

Max Height 302mm
To Order
Polypropylene Foam Gasket Seal
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The G913 range is designed to solve the problems of air leakage associated with built in timber joists.

The box is placed over the end of the joist and built into the inner leaf of the external wall construction with a foam gasket sealing up the penetration. As the timber dries out and shrinks the seal is still maintained between the box and the masonry, thus preventing air leakage into the cavity.

Located around the inner flange is a number of push out pockets for the location of restraining straps as required.

  • Substantial time savings on site
  • Compliant to Building Regulations Part L (Air Leakage)
  • Perimeter sealing flange with an air tight foam gasket
  • Rear location tabs provide a positive pressure
  • Cut out slots to fit restraining straps as required

Literature and Technical Info

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