Abutment Cavity Trays

Project Specific Take Off Services

For larger projects we offer builders, architects and developers a free of charge, project specific take off service for abutment cavity trays and rigid frame formers. Simply send us the elevation drawings (cavity trays) or the window schedule (frame formers) and we will calculate the type and quantity of products you require for your project.


Abutment Cavity Trays

Whether it is a simple straight run, or a complex stepped abutment that wraps around 2 corners, Manthorpe in-house specialists can review project drawings and advise the builder of the right type and quantity of cavity trays they require for their project.

With a small amount of information about the wall construction and the elevation drawings of the detail, quotes can be easily produced on a specific detail, a whole plot or an entire site.

Trays can also be quoted with or without lead, unleaded trays come as standard, but various lengths of code 4 or 5 lead can also be pre fixed to the trays before shipping.

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