Dry Fix Ultra Ridge Unions

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Product Code GDRR-ULTRA-RU

309 x 56mm
15º to 45º
12 per box
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The ULTRA Ridge Union sits in the gaps between each of the ridge or hip tiles, holding them in place.  The union's body slides onto the end of the tile and is flexible so that it bends to the shape of the tile.  The next tile slots into the other side of the union and this continues along the full length of the ridge or hip.

Once the tiles are all correctly rested in place, the unions are secured by driving the screw assembly ; complete with clamp plate and sealing washers, through the hole in the top and into the horizontal batten below.  The screws should be tightened down so that the clamp plate presses down on the tile securing it in position.

The unions are available seperately or as part of Manthorpe's ULTRA Ridge system or the Roll-Out Dry Hip System which can be purchased with all the components required to cover a run of approximately 6 metres.

  • Unions can flex to suit both round and angled ridge/hip tiles
  • Designed to suit thicker clay tiles up to 30mm thick
  • The 4 inch screw provides a secure fixing into the ridge batten
  • The stainless steel clamp plate ensures the tiles are securely pinned in place
  • Neoprene washer forms a watertight seal around the screw hole
  • Foam spacer washer ensures tight fit onto the tile

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