SmartVerge Linear Verge Unions

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Product Code GLV-VU-TR

129 x 50 x 75mm
20 per box
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The Manthorpe SmartVerge® Linear Dry Verge Verge Union can be used to cover a joint where two GLV-LH or GLV-RH Linear Verge Units abut each other.
For roofs where the bottom course tiles are tilted upwards, a GLV-VU Verge Union Clip should be used to join two Linear Verge Units abuting at different angles. The Manthorpe SmartVerge® Verge Union is
available in Slate Grey, Black, White, Terracotta and Dark Brown to compliment the full range of Linear Verge Units.

  • Fully compliant to the requirements of BS 8612
  • Covers a joint between two verge units at differing angles
  • Fast and easy to install in all weather conditions
  • Suits fibre cement and natural slate tiles and interlocking plain tiles
  • Provides a mechanically fixed, mortar-free solution
  • Manufactured from a robust PVCu material

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