SmartDrain Accessory Pack

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Product Code GPD-AP-BL

1 kit per pack
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The SmartDrain Leaf Trap – supplied in the Accessory Pack – is an ideal way to prevent drains from becoming clogged with washed away foliage. Using a saw, simply follow the leader and guide at one of the ribs to cut out a circle and drop in the leaf trap on installation. The leaf trap sits just below the underside of the grate which prevents it from floating out of place in heavy rainfall. Also supplied in Accessory Pack are two end caps to dam off water at the end of a channel. To fit, simply slide into position, or if it must be fitted at the male end of the channel, remove the thinned tabs on the end cap using a knife or pair of pliers.

  • Accessory pack for both the SmartDrain and SlotDrain systems
  • Leaf trap prevents debris from falling down the drain hole
  • Quick and simple to install into the base of the channel
  • End caps clip on to block of the end of a channel run
  • Caps are ambidextrous and can be used on either side

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