Thru…air® No Core Drilling. No Waste. No Fuss

Maximising airflow performance and householder comfort

With the ongoing improvements to building regulations and a focus on insulating homes for greater efficiency the need for ventilation can be overlooked.  Adequate ventilation within the home is essential and has been shown to have positive impacts on the health and well-being of householders.

With unequalled geometric free airflow of up to 16,856mm2 Manthorpe's brand new build in, telescopic airbrick system is ideal for new builds and can be used with most ventilation systems including MVHR and MEV.

The versative design provides a ventilation outlet / inlet that can be used with a choice of 4, 5, or 6 inch standard pipes that connect to a single, double or triple Manthorpe Airbrick (G930).  Thru...air allows for the ventilation terminal to be conveniently built into the brickwork during construction which eliminates the need for specialist equipment or retrospective core drilling.



Installing the pre-assembled thru...air is easy.  Its innovative telescopic pipe provides ease of operation and offers the installer peace of mind that it will fit a wall width between 300mm-440mm without the costly and time consuming effort of cutting product on-site.  Removing this process not only reduces waste, eliminates the potential health and safety risks but results in a tidy finish.

Thru...air is available in double or triple airbrick options and comes in a choice of six colours: Brown, Terracotta, White, Buff, Grey and Blue/Black.



For more information on thru...air, or to download the product information sheet, please click here to visit our dedicated product page.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to your local Manthorpe Area Sales Manager for more information on thru...air, you can find their details here.


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