Test, test and test again...

Manthorpe Building Products has been an industry leader in quality dry fix roofing systems for over 15 years, helping to pioneer innovative new verge, ridge and hip systems for the roofing industry.

With the introduction in January of the new British Standard: BS 8612 Dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems for slating and tiling, manufacturers will be required to ensure their products meet the minimum agreed standards for all dry fixed ridge, hip and verge systems.

In anticipation of the industry requirement and in conjunction with the Building Research Establishment (BRE), Manthorpe’s dry fix ridge, hip and verge products have been undergoing rigorous and extensive tests to ensure they will perform in the harshest environments.

The range of dry fix solutions have so far undergone a series of no less than 57 individual tests with the long-term durability test still ongoing.  For example, the peel adhesion of the system was tested and was proven to be four times greater than the minimum required value of 10N (Newtons).  Rain drainage, vertical and horizontal load testing, tensile strength and elongation of the ridge roll have also been carried out.  In addition to the new BS 8612 all of the Manthorpe range of dry fix products have also been wind tunnel tested.

These are just a fraction of the quality tests that were carried out to confirm that the products are not only tested, but are also of the best quality they can be.  The wind tunnel test in particular was used to demonstrate that Manthorpe’s dry verge systems are the most robust on the market being able to withstand wind uplift loads, driving rain and wind speeds in excess of 100mph.

Mike Challinor, Research & Design Manager at Manthorpe Building Products was part of the technical committee, which comprised industry experts, brought together by the BSI to draw up the standard.  He is a firm believer in the company’s diligence around its testing procedures has played a significant role in the trust consumers have in Manthorpe’s products.

“We are an innovative business but any new products are only released to the market after they have undergone many hours of testing both in-house and with certified third-parties so our customers can be confident that they are purchasing well designed, functional, quality British made products to meet the needs of the building industry.”

- Mike Challinor (R&D Manager at Manthorpe Building Products)

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