Swift Success for Manthorpe's Conservation Efforts

At Manthorpe Building Products, we are committed to designing and manufacturing innovative solutions that promote sustainability and environmental conservation. One of our flagship products, the Swift Nesting Brick, provides essential nesting sites for the declining swift population, offering a unique solution for integrating bird-friendly housing into new residential developments.

Recently, we had the opportunity to support the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in their mission to conserve threatened species like the swift. Alex Farquhar, a dedicated RSPB membership fundraiser, approached us seeking Swift Brick samples to enhance his tabletop display.

As Alex engages with communities around Bristol, he will be using our Swift Brick samples to share information about our innovative nesting solution and other RSPB conservation initiatives. His goal is to inspire more people to support vital causes like swift conservation and find new members for the charity.

We were impressed by Alex's passion for raising awareness and his creative display, and we were delighted to provide him with the requested Swift Brick samples. Next month, Alex will also be conducting ecology surveys just outside Bristol in areas where nesting bricks have been installed, further deepening his knowledge and advocacy efforts.

At Manthorpe Building Products, we believe that collaborations like this are crucial for driving positive change and creating a sustainable future for our feathered friends.


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