Manthorpe & Titan: Driving Sustainable Waste Management

Manthorpe Building Products is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Titan Resource Waste Management, marking a significant step forward in our commitment to environmental sustainability. This collaboration underscores our dedication to responsible waste management practices and highlights our proactive approach to reducing our carbon footprint.

In collaboration with Titan Resource Waste Management, we have implemented solutions aimed at optimising waste management processes. Through Titan's consultancy process, Manthorpe has achieved remarkable success, reducing our carbon footprint by an impressive 70% through reduced waste transport movements.

A key milestone in our sustainability journey has been the installation of an on-site compactor, a move that has revolutionised our waste management operations. By reducing waste collection vehicles from 147 to just 10 trucks per year, we have not only enhanced operational efficiency but also made significant progress towards our sustainability goals.

Titan Resource's commitment to sustainability has brought about tangible benefits for Manthorpe Building Products. Through tailored consultancy, education, and strategies, we have minimised our environmental impact and optimised our operational processes, driving long-term value for our business.

Furthermore, our partnership with Titan Resource has empowered our team to embrace a culture of sustainability. Comprehensive staff training programs have equipped our workforce with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement sustainable practices throughout our operations, resulting in enhanced productivity and resource utilisation.

Richard Hallam, our HSQE Manager, encapsulates the impact of our collaboration with Titan Resource: "Partnering with Titan Resource has been integral to achieving our sustainability goals. Their waste audits and staff training programs empowered our team to think differently about waste, driving real reductions. We're proud to be on track for Zero Waste to Landfill thanks to their guidance."

As we continue on our sustainability journey, Manthorpe Building Products remains committed to driving positive change within our industry and beyond. 


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