Manthorpe Garage Packs – modular, easy install and low maintenance

Our popular SmartDrain Linear Drainage Channels can now be purchased as a Garage Pack. Supplied in one handy package, the Garage Packs contain the correct number of components to install a drainage channel in front of a standard domestic garage. The kit comprises three 1m linear drainage channels, three 1m channel grates, two channel end caps, and one outlet leaf trap.

The Garage Packs are available with a matte black polypropylene 'heel friendly' grating and have a weight load class of A15.


Regardless of whether your garage is used to store your DIY tools, garden furniture, or your classic car it is sensible to install a drainage channel across the garage threshold. This helps to keep the driveway free of surface water build-up in any conditions, even in fierce thunderstorms, and will prevent that water entering the garage under the door.

Unlike household doors, garage doors are not fitted with sills, so any standing water could be blown under the bottom edge of the door - this is a common issue in garages that lack drainage in front of the opening. The rain will probably not penetrate far into the garage but crucially it won't go away until it dries out - creating the ideal conditions for rust and damp to take hold on nearby objects.  By removing the water in the first place you remove this hazard; helping to keep the structure sound, your possessions dry and the appearance smart.



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