Homeowner Praises Manthorpe's Affordable Loft Ventilation Solution

We wanted to share with you our recent success in resolving a long-standing issue with condensation in our loft. For over a decade, we had resigned ourselves to the annual cycle of condensation buildup during winter months. However, after researching remedies online, we discovered the Manthorpe G630 Felt Lap Ventilators.

In early 2023, we purchased the ventilators from Amazon and installed them as per the fitting instructions in every rafter bay on each side of the roof. The results were remarkable. While the condensation gradually cleared as warmer days approached, the true test came during the winter of 2023-2024. To our delight, the loft remained well-ventilated and bone-dry, with no trace of the dreaded condensation.

We are overjoyed with the outcome and wanted to praise Manthorpe for producing such a simple and relatively inexpensive solution to our problem. We highly recommend the Manthorpe G630 Felt Lap Ventilators to anyone experiencing similar issues.

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