GDV SmartVerge Packaging Change Notification

In an effort to continue to improve the solutions Manthorpe Building Products provide to our customers, we are pleased to announce a packaging change for the GDV SmartVerge PVCu Dry Verge System.

The new packaging configuration will pack the product in 30 units, versus the current quantity of 50 per box which equates to 18 boxes (540 units) per pallet.  Each box weighs 8.7kg and the dimensions are 440 x 415 x 460mm (L x W x H).

Our stylish packaging will make sure the products are appropriately protected, ensuring they arrive and remain in perfection condition to meet market needs.


We hope this is a welcome change that will provide a more customer friendly experience making the item more convenient for you to transport and carry.

We will begin transitioning to this updated product solution from 1st March 2022.  During this period, some shipments may contain a mixture of former and updated product quantities.

For additional information please contact your local area sales representative or our Customer Care team on 01773 303030 who will be able to provide further assistance.

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