Flat Edge Tile Ventilator with bespoke interlock feature

Manthorpe Building Products have unveiled the latest addition to their in-line ventilation solutions.  The new Flat Edge Tile Ventilator with bespoke interlock feature has been crafted to suit the updated profile of the Sandtoft Calderdale Edge tile and maintain an unbroken appearance to the roofline.

The new flat edge tile comes with a range of features such as a wider coverage width of 306mm, a thinner lower profile and a more compact interlock design with sidelock clip to ensure a secure fit. 

Suitable for use down to a 20° pitch the unit has been designed with a textured surface and a 4mm integral louvered fly screen grill.  A pipe adaptor for mechanical extraction is also offered as a supplementary product.

Available in a range of profiles and five UV stabilised colours, the high quality tile ventilator is ideal for both new build and renovation projects that demand a quality, aesthetically pleasing finish, giving our customers confidence that they have the right product for the job.

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