Celebrating Swift Awareness Week: New Initiatives and Innovations for Swift Conservation

As we mark Swift Awareness Week, we're excited to share some groundbreaking developments in swift conservation and our latest product innovation designed to support these remarkable birds.

Homes for Nature: A Game-Changer for Urban Wildlife
In a significant move for wildlife conservation, major UK housebuilders have committed to the 'Homes for Nature' initiative. Starting in September 2024, they will install bird nesting bricks or boxes in every new home built. This commitment represents a crucial step towards providing the estimated 300,000 nesting sites required to support swift populations and many other bird species across the country.
At Manthorpe Building Products, we're proud to be at the forefront of this movement with our Swift Nesting Brick, which has been designed to seamlessly integrate into modern construction practices while providing ideal nesting spaces for swifts.

The Marvels of Swift Biology
As we work to protect these birds, it's worth appreciating just how extraordinary they are. Did you know that swifts can fly for up to 10 months without landing? These aerial marvels sleep, eat, and even mate on the wing, showcasing incredible adaptations to life in the air.
Swifts can reach speeds of over 69 mph and cover vast distances during their annual migrations. Their unique lifestyle makes them particularly vulnerable to changes in our built environment, which is why initiatives like 'Homes for Nature' and our swift brick products are so crucial.

Introducing the Dual Swift Nesting Brick
In response to evolving construction techniques and the urgent need for swift conservation, we're excited to announce our latest product: the Dual Swift Nesting Brick.

Key features of this innovative design include:

  • Compact profile suitable for narrow cavity walls 
  • Ideal for modern timber frame constructions
  • Easy retrofitting into existing walls with a minimum 50mm cavity
  • Ambidextrous design allowing installation with either left or right-hand entrance

This new product demonstrates our commitment to adapting our wildlife-friendly solutions to meet the needs of contemporary architecture while prioritising the welfare of swifts and other cavity-nesting birds.


As we celebrate Swift Awareness Week, we're reminded of the importance of coexisting harmoniously with wildlife in our urban environments. Through innovative products and industry-wide initiatives, we can all play a part in ensuring a future where swifts continue to grace our skies.

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