Building a Better Future for Swifts: BBC Radio Derby Visits Manthorpe Building Products

Today, we're excited to share the recent visit of BBC Radio Derby to Manthorpe Building Products, where they explored the fascinating world of swift nesting bricks.

Swift nesting bricks are a simple yet effective way to provide shelter for swifts, a species of bird that is currently facing challenges due to the loss of suitable nesting sites. These specially designed bricks feature a hollow cavity that mimics the natural nesting spaces found in buildings, helping to encourage swifts to nest and breed.

This initiative gained further attention recently with an article in The Guardian newspaper titled 'Brick by Brick,' which shed light on the importance of creating suitable habitats for swifts in urban environments. The article highlighted the decline of these magnificent birds and the urgent need for action to protect them.

In a related development, on July 10th, a significant debate took place in Parliament regarding the proposition to make swift bricks compulsory in new housing. This proposal aimed to aid red-listed birds, including swifts, and gained substantial support with over 100,000 signatures. The discussion centred around the crucial role of incorporating swift nesting bricks into building regulations to ensure their widespread adoption.

Manthorpe Building Products' swift nesting bricks have emerged as a promising solution to address the declining swift populations. Their inclusion in new housing developments can play a crucial role in safeguarding these red-listed birds and their habitats. With the support of initiatives like The Feather Speech campaign launched by Hannah Bourne-Taylor, the recent parliamentary debate, newspaper articles, and the overwhelming response from the public, it is evident that swift nesting bricks are gaining momentum as a practical and effective measure. As we move forward, it is imperative that we continue to embrace bird-friendly construction to ensure a sustainable coexistence with our feathered friends.





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