BIM Model Available for GRS-DUO-15 Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal

Manthorpe Building Products has completed a detailed BIM (Building Information Modelling) model of its GRS-DUO-15 Radiator Pipe Guide & Seal, now available for free download. The GRS-DUO-15 is designed to prevent air leakage at pipework penetrations behind a radiator that is plumbed with 15mm flexible plastic barrier pipework commonly used for central heating systems in modern buildings.

The BIM model contains the full assembly and components of the GRS-DUO-15, allowing architects to easily incorporate it into their building designs to manage installation locations and ensure coordination between subcontractors.

The BIM model is available immediately via Manthorpe's BIM Shelf portal on our website as well as the national BIMStore library. Customers can browse and download at any time for free to incorporate into their projects.


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