Bat Ridge Roost

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Product Code GBAT-R-TR

264 x 276 x 141mm
3 pre-fitted screws
Half round ridge tile and Segmental ridge tile
15 degrees
55 degrees
1 per box
UV Stabilised Polypropylene
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The Bat Ridge Roost provides a habitable roost space for small crevice-dwelling bat species found in the UK.

Designed in association with the Bat Conservation Trust as part of their Roost Partnership scheme the product is a self-contained, externally mounted unit which offers no means of access for the bats to enter the roof space or the property.

The Bat Ridge Roost is optimised to work in conjunction with the Manthorpe SmartVerge Polypropylene handed and ambidextrous dry verge systems (alternatively, could also be used with third party dry verge, traditional verge tiles or mortared in verge details).

The dual purpose product, also acts as a ridge end cap, providing a durable and protected covered finish for most styles of round ridge tiles and is located at the end of the ridge tiles on a gable end.

The Bat Ridge Roost is made up of two units:

  1. Mounting plate
  2. Cover plate assembly (pre-assembled)

The cover plate assembly is a pre-assembled part which houses the bat habitat and insulation with three pre-fitted screws.

  • Fast and easy to install, dry-fix system
  • Provides a protected roost for small bats to inhabit
  • Roost is fully enclosed with no access to the property
  • Part of the Bat Conservation Trust Roost Partnership scheme
  • Creates a thermally stable environment for the bats to roost
  • Designed for both round concrete and clay ridge tiles
  • Provides a mechanically fixed, mortar-free solutions
  • Protects the ridge end from exposure to the elements
  • Suitable for new build and refurbishment details
  • Can be installed on roof pitches between 15° and 55°
  • Drains water away from the wall to prevent staining
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene

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