Face-Fix Radiator Pipe Seal

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Product Code GRS-FF

140mm x 125mm x 21mm
90mm hole
20 per box
Polypropylene Thermoplastic Elastomer
Injection Moulded

Product Description & Key Features

The Face-Fix Radiator Pipe Guide and Seal (GRS-FF) has been designed to cope with a wide range of tricky situations. As with all Manthorpe radiator seal products, the GRS-FF provides an effective barrier for the loss of warm air to pipe entry points behind radiators. The face-fix nature of the product enables the user to fit both block and studded wall details without any additional preparation work. The product will work with pipe work coming from below, above or from the side of the radiator. Fitting instructions are included.

  • Seals onto the plasterboard for accurate installation
  • Rubber grommets secure the pipes and prevent air loss
  • Pipes exit at the optimum angle to avoid kinking/sagging
  • The integral flexible perimeter seal prevents air leakage
  • Held by 3 secure fixing points offset from the penetration

Literature and Technical Info

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