Drainage Systems

Manthorpe's channel drains offer ultra-efficient removal of standing water from pavements, paths and driveways. Ideal for both pedestrian and pedal cyclists in commercial areas and for light vehicular traffic on residential driveways, the channels can be installed with any type of paving from block paving to tarmac and concrete.

Sturdy and simple to fit, the system directs rain water away from the home and into existing drains. The four-way junction box offers a variety of configurations and slots quickly and easily into channel lengths. The SmartDrain grates are also available in a metallic silver colour.

Drainage Systems: 5 Results

The Manthorpe SlotDrain is a discreet way of removing unwanted standing water from outside paved areas. Once installed, the only visible part of the drain is a 20mm wide slot. It is ideally suited to block paving coverings up to 50mm depth, but can also be used with surface finishes in areas...

The SlotDrain Junction Unit (GPDST-JU) is made up of 3 components; a channel base, an extension piece and a grate lid. In any run of SlotDrain, a Junction Unit should be used at each end to enable access for rodding and cleaning. In longer runs, a Junction Unit should also be placed at 3m...

The SmartDrain Leaf Trap – supplied in the Accessory Pack – is an ideal way to prevent drains from becoming clogged with washed away foliage. Using a saw, simply follow the leader and guide at one of the ribs to cut out a circle and drop in the leaf trap on installation. The leaf trap sits...

The Manthorpe SmartDrain is an easy and effective way of removing unwanted standing water into a domestic drain. Quick and easy to install, the protective grate is high-heel and child friendly, and the product sits flush with the floor, allowing for the passage of vehicles on a driveway. The...

The Manthorpe SmartDrain Junction Unit is to be used when a 90º corner, T-junction or cross junction needs to be produced when laying the SmartDrain system. The Junction Unit has thinned out side walls which can be easily removed with a craft knife. Simply remove whichever and however many...


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